Lauren Cornell

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Lauren Cornell is Executive Director of Rhizome and Adjunct Curator at the New Museum of Contemporary Art.
Aug. 22 2010 17:54 on Required Reading


The installation of Guthrie's Myspace Intro Playlist in YTJ was actually first conceived for another exhibition called The New Normal, curated by Michael Connor, which opened at Artist Space ...
Those are nice Mike, thank you
July 6 2009 22:52 on On Tour

Hi Nicola,

That wasn't what I was suggesting because its clear, already, that you and Brian have different takes. I was asking if you could share links to previously published ...
July 6 2009 21:01 on On Tour

Hi Nikola,

I understand its frustrating to be written about it in a way that doesn't ring true to you. But I agree with Pall; the article was meant to ...
hi all,
we sent out a confirmation email to all who applied today. you can edit your applications until the 17th when voting starts. let us know if you have ...