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Aug. 24 2011 12:58 on It’s Only Humanist

PS Brian I'm sad there was no "GREEK TO GEEK" flowchart timeline graphic. Also, the next thing I want to see called out is SEINFELD NEW MEDIA SHIT?
Aug. 21 2011 23:48 on It’s Only Humanist

Actually a lot of artists are exploring the defaults of this world but still making aesthetic choices. If it's between the teapot/bunny or the 3d babes/artifacts, the latter ...
Aug. 17 2011 18:28 on It’s Only Humanist

I think the early days of 3D found the technology primarily used for architecture and artifact preservation/replication so of course buildings and famous ancient sculptures were some of the ...
Aug. 17 2011 15:15 on It’s Only Humanist

Honestly, though, a big reason a lot of these statues and buildings are used in 3D is because they are some of the most freely available stock 3D models…
Nothing to do with Banksy ;)
100% actual, you have to read it
Well done, Riley Harmon.
Nov. 22 2010 02:16 on Videos from Wikitopia Festival

Such a useful post! Thanks for this.
I'm keeping my own page on my piece here:
July 26 2010 01:03 on Malwarez (2008) - Alex Dragulescu

Literally JUST posted these on delicious and gardenclub.tumblr.com are you watching me Gaboury? ;)
June 24 2009 15:03 on Video : The New Wave (1973)

Video Love <3
March 21 2009 01:45 on Turn On, Tune In, Zoom Out

ha @ that "N/N logo" and blingee ending up in here
Sept. 29 2008 16:28 on Continually Redefining Game Art

A video game artist to check out:

In particular this video: