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Feb. 19 2015 04:51 on Artist Profile: Hannah Black

this interview makes me so happy
this interview makes me so happy
June 11 2014 16:37 on Getty Images: Still Kinda Sexist?

Agree. Analyzing an argument for what it leaves out and doesn't do, instead of what it achieves is kind of red herring imo.

The existing economic conditions demand women to ...
"I have no idea how many people were involved with perpetuating this fiction, either in planning or in performance, either with explicit knowledge of what was planned, or following along ...
April 25 2013 16:39 on Breaking the Ice

Correction: these days people need a variety of offshoots from the longform criticism*
April 25 2013 16:36 on Breaking the Ice

I'm a young one and I've been following Rhizome since 2008. I'm a pretty rare commenter. I think its a good overview of "new media art" for students and newbies ...
The correct, NSFW/original "I Like To Watch" by Chris Korda is hosted on his website: (Porn won't stay on YouTube)
I really enjoyed reading about the political dynamics of postinternet and the complexities of artistic subjectivity that using different platforms fosters.

as for the question""What happens when a network that ...
June 15 2012 14:25 on Art on the Beautiful Island

wayjayth, thanks for the correction and my apologies for misinterpreting the nationality of the artists. It was absolutely my mistake for misreading the Chinese names for being people from mainland ...
May 11 2012 03:44 on Shu Lea Cheang on Brandon

This is great news; I also had no idea there was a physical installation of the project. I had a chance to see the site months before it was taken ...
finally something more interesting from hong kong woottt
May 4 2012 14:58 on What Price Love?

cool project though, cause even if it doesn't work out you put a value on emotional labor/life experience, though perhaps $25 or $1000 are both arbitrary. the love you ...
May 4 2012 14:56 on What Price Love?

things never really turn out well on text for me…
May 1 2012 03:39 on Mapping the Social

Only if those check-ins are truthful right? Or I suppose, from the data sets you mentioned it would be about where certain demographics wanted people to know they were frequenting… ...
April 7 2012 05:13 on Art on the Beautiful Island

Good feature on Taiwan. While I was there for a quick trip over the winter break I saw a survey show of "new media art" as we know it, with ...
Oct. 31 2011 20:19 on She Was A Camera

a beautiful history washed over by youtube

Great post that addresses race in a  vernacular way!
Aug. 22 2011 20:22 on It’s Only Humanist

replace img of cat-like thing and/or castle with 3d render of r2d2
Aug. 22 2011 01:16 on It’s Only Humanist

I think it's both hippie and hipster-an exotic apolitical fetish. I just think in an Asian new media exhibition context this would look so fug, though it functions fine on ...
Aug. 19 2011 05:42 on It’s Only Humanist

this cause is lost,
Aug. 18 2011 14:46 on It’s Only Humanist

is that humanist?
Aug. 18 2011 05:32 on It’s Only Humanist

In terms of web art trends could we also talk about the treatment of the yin yang sign on tumblr/Facebook as art? I'm not sure if people find it ...
Aug. 18 2011 00:26 on Codes of Honor

I don't game and watching this gave me chills. I've always wished videogames could make me happy :/
Aug. 18 2011 00:02 on It’s Only Humanist

I think he meant that Greek references were indeed prolific, and also:
1.) "a representation of man’s technologically mediated encounter with his environment"
2.) "a meme acquiring significance in ...
i like and dislike this piece and for that it is successful. sentiments lie in above comments exactly with the added fact that I don't know what's in that drive ...
Aug. 6 2011 11:44 on London Calling

I wouldn't worry about staying objective. If it's an opinion piece I'll read it like one but-while i know what you meant since I was in town just then-I think ...
Aug. 4 2011 11:38 on Artist Profile: Jacob Ciocci

Aug. 4 2011 10:30 on London Calling

let me specify when I said the peergroup was small I mean the particular community from NY+Chicago+Europe that huddles around Rhizome+facebook+tumblr in a "postinternet" way…
Aug. 4 2011 10:28 on London Calling

agreed, and commented. From what I know Karen's visiting from the US and like I, made lots of generalizations about differences between North American+European emerging artists. I feel this ...
Aug. 4 2011 10:24 on London Calling

but I would like to point out that an increased use of web 2.0 social networking does not correlate to political change or activism, which might not be what ...
Aug. 4 2011 10:22 on London Calling

Enjoyed the article, good coverage of the pockets of things that happened. Of what I had seen in London I actually really appreciated the Piccadilly Community Centre project as social ...
variable decisions and will to technology*
Agreed. I am skeptical about any book that tries to consolidate internet/www aesthetics when they are so heavily tied to people and their variable decisions. But as with anything ...
This was a fairly objective interview.
Dec. 10 2010 22:37 on Dark Green (2010) - Jacob Ciocci