J.D. McPherson, Jr.

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J.D. McPherson is a new media artist and musician. He was raised on a cattle ranch in the rural community of Buffalo Valley, Oklahoma.Currently, his work focuses primarily on an idealized system of properties and mythologies surrounding a rural (or more specifically, rural Southeast Oklahoman) characteristic. Other prevalent current research issues in his work include material hierarchy, regional mythology, strawman geology, card magic, and the acquisition of (muscle) memory through repetitive physical labor.He currently works with video, installation, painting, music, performance, drawing, digital art, and photography.He currently makes his home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
For God's sake I'm glad somebody said it. The internet browser has always had and always will have links, and scrollbars.


Nov. 6 2007 00:54 on Again and Again and Again

Nice. Musicians can cover other musicians' songs, right? Its only fitting for artists to reinterpret the classic performances. Let's see more!