Ilsabé von Dallwitz

Member Since October 25, 2010

DIGITAL ART: New ways of art

Ilsabé von Dallwitz works present images that thrive on completely divergent manners of seeing. The artist’s great enthusiasm for the aethetic, charm and expressive power of nature and architecture is the source of an unmistakable fascination which she, in turn, strives to share with the viewer.

In digital photography she seems to have found the ideal medium for combining the natural with the artificial as well as elements of the traditional photography with the possibilities available in digital techniques and thereby captivates the viewer.

Each of her DIGITAL-ART-works works is stunning in its unique charm and character, while the ultimate effect of all of them must be atttributed to the breath-taking interaction of light, color and their intense luminosity.

The artist predominantly occupies herself with landscape, architecture and macrophotography. Extensive sojourns and stays in Europe, the USA and Asia are continually providing new impulses and exciting motifs.

What might appear on first sight to be an image far removed from reality, proves, on closer inspection, as being ingeniously arranged. This gives way to an incomparably vast range of computer-generated motifs.

Oriented on the concept of synaesthetics,primarily developed by Kandinsky, the artist seeks new kinds of perception and creation. That implies a free play with various meanings and contents that touch upon the field of abstraction .
The focus lies on the fruitful interaction between impulses from photos and computer and the visual interpretation of our modern life experience .

„My works are based on digital photos that have a very special meaning to me. Not every photo is suitable for my work. The selection of an appropriate motif is carried by memories of moods, light and colour. By this almost impressionist approach I, despite all interpretations and changing, preserve the atmosphere and the light of the original.“

The result is the creation of a new abstract reality beyond space and time.

According to the view of the artist „a work of art begins to live as soon as it evokes a creative motion between the viewer and the observed work of art.
The creative act takes place not only in me, but also in the viewer.
My pictures invite to meditation, calming down, building up, creating a positive mood, leaving space open to whatever the viewer sees therein or might recognize.“

The works of art breathe the secret of the new , the exotic of the unknown, at the same time offering the gentleness of Buddhist temples and the contemplative peace, which embraces the visitor coming there.

Ilsabè von Dallwitz used to each languages, dance and art. At the same time her special interest was focused on photography and the creation of images.

Her works are based on digital photographies, which are transformed on computer and developed as Lambdaprint. The photos are covered with acrylic and mounted in shadow frames.
Most of her works are sold as originals, from time to time small editions are published.