Humberto Valdivieso

Member Since May 27, 2005

Humberto Valdivieso has a Bachelor of Arts and Literature, and holds a Master’s Degree in Social Communication at Universidad Central de Venezuela. He is a Professor of Postrgraduate Studies in Marketing as well as Arts History, Semiotics and Image Theory Professor in the Schools of Arts and Social Communication at Andres Bello Catholic University (UCAB). Valdiviseso is a Researcher at the Humanistic Research and Formation Center at UCAB. He directs the Aesthetics Contemporary Speech research path and Baciyelmo Magazine at the School of Literature at UCAB. He has written articles for the books “Is Art Global History? edited by James Elkins, and Santiago Pol’s “Venezuelan Posters”, launched at the Mexico International Biennial of Poster in 2004. Prof. Valdivieso has published magazine articles in “Baciyelmo”, “Temas de Comunicaciòn UCAB” (Communication Issues UCAB), “Investigaciones Literarias UCV” (Literature Research UCV), (The National Magazine of Culture) “La Revista Nacional de Cultura”, among others. He has presented his research in art and design in several congresses and conventions. His work as a Curator includes the exhibitions, “Color, Love and Heat in Little Venice”; “Santiago Pol in the 51st Venice Biennial”, “Graphic Quixote” “God’s Barrel”; “Art, Science, and Technology In Rolando Peña’s works at UCAB”; “Signs of hollowness: Ivan Rojas in Nueva Cadiz Museum in Margarita”; “Santiago Pol’s Movie Posters”. Humberto Valdivieso has also made catalogs for several plastic artists.