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Member Since December 7, 2008

Graham was raised in Oyster Bay, Long Island and found an interest in digital art early in his life. He took an early interest during grade school exploring a suite of creative programs. In college he studied Commercial Art, Digital Technology, and Fine Art. He spread his focus to a wide assortment of media including video, sculpture, painting, web programming, animation, and photography. He then moved to New York City where he studied Computer Art at The School of Visual Arts. Graham has always been interested in how identities and emotion are effected by technology, specifically virtual space like video games and websites. He pays special attention to timeless human qualities that are affected by new media and people's virtual identities. He creates art in an attempt to express his own ideas as well as to try to get others to reflect upon their experiences. At Fredonia University Graham founded and was president of the New Media Art Club. In 2004 Graham orchestrated and hosted a New Media Art show that showcased local art work including installations, video, and live music. Graham currently works as a freelance social network consultant at a major web company that focuses on producing original video content for the Web, and is exploring Internet memes and Internet fame.