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May 22 2013 12:50 on Jack Goldstein, GIF Artist?

one of my fave shows I've ever worked on :)
Feb. 5 2010 09:51 on Will Gompertz on Net Art

regarding the above a parallel – while not excusable, it's more understandable that, until recently, a critic could be ignorant of experimental film and its history, since seeing the films ...
Feb. 5 2010 09:38 on Will Gompertz on Net Art

Well experimental film is almost 100 years old and critics are still "discovering" it in the press, so, uh, get used to it?

But more seriously–what journalist would write something ...
April 8 2009 17:16 on Online Dating (2009) - Math Wrath

I'm beginning to think all this post-spamming is something by Jodi.
April 7 2009 10:56 on Highlights from 2008

…and for reference, Guthrie's description of his presentation, which was called "We Did It Ourselves!"

"The success and failure (and illusion and depravity) of DIY in the era of ...
April 7 2009 10:54 on Highlights from 2008

Important update…last night at Light Industry the following exchange took place during Guthrie's q & a.

Ed: On Rhizome, there was a large discussion about your phrase “internet-aware art,” and ...
wow, this post by "Tyra" is amazing…is this spam in the form of art discourse?
March 20 2009 15:26 on Closing Tomorrow, Catch It Today

It's actually been extended to Apr 11, though that doesn't seem to be listed on their site.
It's a particularly interesting question for Super-8, because that medium has a long history of being exhibited on video instead of on its original film, for many reasons. Super-8 filmmakers ...
Feb. 24 2009 14:47 on Highlights from 2008

OK, well we could parse intentionality all day long about what Guthrie meant (unless he chimes in here himself) but MY take on it is offline artwork in dialog with ...
Jan. 19 2009 13:36 on Highlights from 2008

Hey Tom

I'm unclear on how giving a name to something (or attempting to do so) constitutes a form of flattery in and of itself – isolating and naming a ...
Sept. 25 2008 12:01 on Free Play

Please do explain your point, unless you are merely representing trollkind. I'm curious–is it a critique of the game?
Sept. 25 2008 09:10 on Free Play

Oops–my mistake. Clearly I was not tenacious enough to get there, and free culture will never prevail on my watch.
June 11 2008 13:58 on The Page Turner

Johnson, fyi, does not make this claim wholesale for all TV and videogames. In fact, his argument is that both TV and videogames have been getting "better" (for him, more ...
June 10 2008 12:15 on The Enlightenment

…and if you're referring to Burnham's System Esthetics


Then sure, I could have mentioned this, but I'm not convinced invoking ...
June 10 2008 12:10 on The Page Turner

Johnson's book assumes that the kinds of problem-solving cognitive activity in videogames and some television (24, et al) is a form of mental exercise, and therefore makes the brain "stronger ...
June 10 2008 11:56 on The Enlightenment

Rather than simply stating that I don't get what is at work here, why don't you enlighten the rest of us as to what those aspects are that I'm not ...
May 30 2008 11:02 on The Tomorrow People

Yes that is exactly what I meant.

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April 6 2008 03:51 on The Rematerialization of Art

Paul: for sure, my statement about the gallery world was very much meant to refer to here in the US where I am, as is Tom. Sorry, should have clarified ...
April 5 2008 14:52 on The Rematerialization of Art

To quote tom's blog ( http://www.tommoody.us/archives/2008/04/05/the-rematerialization-of-art/ ) , which discusses michael bell smith's recent show at foxy in new york:

* * * *

Please note that neither sales ...
April 4 2008 03:52 on The Rematerialization of Art

A quick response to just a few of these questions. I chose the title "rematerialization of art" because I thought this was one of the more interesting ideas or observations ...
April 4 2008 03:03 on The Rematerialization of Art

To all –

I have not "left the building" but am in fact rather busy this a week-long project and attending the final NYUFF…but I will check in with this ...