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June 22 2013 03:04 on Cory Arcangel, "GAO" (2013)

is this the art world's Sokal Hoax. is this the beginning of……..Art Wars
Feb. 15 2012 11:47 on My Broken iPhone

And I'm guessing you have never used anything that wasn't an Apple product(?) For the record, I have an iPad 2 and iPod Touch that I use for development. Both ...
Feb. 6 2012 14:08 on My Broken iPhone

I really wish you had said something about how this precious aesthetic actually masks an extremely pernicious philosophy towards computing in general. Apple's "walled garden" approach is one of the ...
I once knew a girl who derived her model of femininity from videogames. Now she's married to an Italian plumber and does nothing but bake cakes for him all day ...
Sept. 15 2011 14:49 on City of QR Codes

cool story bro
Sept. 9 2011 01:28 on Objects at Dusk

And my timed reading of this post was a mere 5 minutes and 43 seconds! At this rate we should have all of metaphysics solved by the Spring. And to ...
beautiful. i cant think of a more perfect summary of his work. well done.
more like SLAPPING MUSIC hahahaha
July 2 2010 02:42 on General Web Content

It's hilarious that you didn't even make an effort to find or mention the creator of the original–completely awesome–comic. Though you spent a full paragraph repping dozens of people barely ...
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