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I was just mentioning that the images of the "Virtual Curator" I have seen give the impression it could have been implemented in VRML.

On the other hand, this type ...
"Developing an alternative browser" ??? :) (BTW, the scaling of video is done by the QuickTime plugin in this case, not the browser.)

Why don't you just set up a virtual machine ...
July 1 2010 19:19 on General Web Content

Trolling is a art.
But what is art about trolling?
Oct. 28 2009 08:30 on Notes on Going Under

If you think Kraftwerk and Telex were unironic and humorless in their music, you are doing it wrong. Maybe one could get such an impression from the quite arbitrary English ...
Looks like tech demos for Google Chrome with images exchanged. Cannot compete with Line Rider.
Linking … you are doing it wrong

Errr, forgot something, what about canadian botox weight loss!!!
I would like to ask if it is intended that there are advertisments under every comment on rhizome? Sydney Botox is the best one i have seen so far. Is ...

Yeaah peepol, write your own HTML!
Dec. 11 2008 16:42 on 24 h (2008) - Remi Blanes

I sat through the whole thing and it was just 22:48 long.
Never felt so fooled.
I suggest to watch the original again.
LOL! This is technically the worst way to listen to an audio file offered to me, ever!
Not only it is impossible to download it to listen to it on ...
This video would be cool if it would start with the photo of a cat.
Oct. 2 2008 06:05 on Moonwalk (2008) - Pash*

As much as i love scrolling: How does Daniel know the size of a pixel that i see? I might look at this web page on an eeePC or i ...
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