Christine Goldbeck


Member Since February 20, 2005

Formally stated, Christine Goldbeck, MFA-IA, ( combines photography, painting and creative writing in the making of traditional art objects and art for screen space. Much of her digital practice involves theoretical inquiry about how the use of and reception to art forms affect the access to and exchange of communication and knowledge. She also explores and experiments with the effects of new media arts and communication on the humanities knowledge base. Formerly an award-winning photojournalist, Goldbeck is the author of “A Tribute to O’Hara and Other Stories,” a print short story collection; a Pennsylvania Humanities Council Commonwealth Speaker; and editor/publisher of The Mine Country at Please visit to view her work and additional information.In her own words, “My arts practice is about wide-eyed wonder and creative play, putting stuff where people say it does not belong, making messes, getting dirty, falling down, having a good cry, speaking my mind, laughing until my sides hurt, bringing smiles, observing, asking questions. Digging for truth is all that and sometimes more … I walk and I wonder in many places and spaces with the curiosity of a child, the scars of an adult and the spirit to use my senses in the exploration and expression of life … because:every day is new and some times nights are scary,no hill is too high to climb and mud puddles are mirrors,a blank page is a playground and bare feet are for touching,dreams are transformative and stories are magical,time is a construct and truth is a puzzle,words like intermediality and multimodality really mean “possibility.”