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Internet marketing is the best way to get money quickly on the internet. Even though it has been around for some time, it's still new to many people. Many people don't understand what internet marketing is. Most people still do business in the traditional way. Many misunderstand Internet marketing with network / multi-level marketing. To explain internet marketing, allow me first to say that this is not the process of finding prospective customers to join any business, or knock on the door to sell products. What is Internet Marketing: Internet marketing is the process of utilizing the World Wide Web (internet) to expose your product, or someone else's service. Internet / business marketing allows you, instead of limiting yourself to small geographical business spaces, to peddle your goods, services throughout the world. Imagine having billions of people seeing your product, or service compared to only a few thousand. Did you know that billions of dollars are spent buying goods and services through the internet every year? Did you know that many people get big salaries doing business from their own homes every day through the internet, either selling their own products or becoming affiliates (sellers) for other people's products? There are six simple tools that you can start making money quickly on the internet. These steps are: Search for keywords, Make your blog, Earn money from your blog, Pinging your blog, Ordering your social blog, Marketing articles Traditional versus Internet marketing business: Traditional forms of business have many markets, eg Any clothes, food, merchandise and you can buy anything as long as the market exists. For further explanation, let me say you take a day off to shop. You go to the city and move from one store to the store that asks questions and looks carefully at everything before you decide to make a purchase. Let's say you make a choice, pay for goods and send them to your home. Let's do the same activity on the internet, rather than driving to the city, you, from the silence of your home, you go to the internet, look for the product you want, make your choice, and send it to your home. This form of shopping / business, and is quickly becoming the preferred method of doing business. Internet Marketing and Home Business: More and more people find it very profitable to start a part / full time internet business. In trying economic times like this, internet marketing is the best method for selling products or services.