The Internet Bedroom

The internet (@Google Hangouts)

Mon Dec, 21 2015, 10AM - Tue Dec, 22 2015, 10AM

"Let's have a sleepover on the internet!!!"

The internet is like a roaring noon 24 hours a day. Why don't we change a chatroom into a bedroom for our sleep?

IDPW will host an online gathering The Internet Bedroom for a REAL LIVE ONLINE, a forthcoming exhibition for the series First Look: New Art Online, copresented by Rhizome and the New Museum. We will bring human inactivity into the internet in our sleep! Do you wanna have a historical night of the internet with us?!

Google Hangsouts URL will be anounced here and on the project page ( on the day of the event.

How to join?:

  1. Prepare for sleeping, wear pajamas and relax.
  2. Bring your laptop or smartphone to your bedroom and login to The Internet Bedroom on Google Hangouts. The URL will be announced on the project page on the day of the event.
  3. Set the camera towards you. Please put on a dim light to be visible if possible.
  4. Let's hangout in your dream...
    - Join/logout the room any time you want.
    - Logout when you become active and aware.
    - Please note that The Internet Bedroom will be live broadcasted and recorded during the event. The recorded video will be shown on the project page and on the First Look website.