Nicoline Van Harskamp presents the U.S. Premiere of Expressive Power Series: Part 1

the New Museum

Fri Jun, 18 2010, 7PM

Dutch artist Nicoline van Harskamp will present the U.S. premiere of Expressive Power Series Part 1 - Max Bonner on the Phenomenology of Speech (21), a new performance that builds upon an expansive body of work focused on politics and language. This ambitious, hour-long theatrical piece centers on an Interpersonal Dynamics consultant named Max Bonner, and members of his audience, including a human rights activist, an academic, and a dogmatic anarchist, who he attempts to convince of popular psychological models for social persuasion, used variously by the Pentagon, corporations and NGOs worldwide. The evolving discussion demonstrates in the artist’s words, “the impossibility of political consensus by way of verbal interaction”—a situation that is here framed productively, with generative meaning to be found in points of dissonance, paradox and negotiation. This program is supported by the Consulate General of the Netherlands and the Mondriaan Foundation.