Christopher Lin Artist Talk and Wet Networks Exhibition Tour


12-1:30pm: Christopher Lin artist talk followed by a Q&A with curator Celine Wong Katzman
1:30-2pm: Wet Networks Tour with curator Celine Wong Katzman

This event is free and open to the public.

On Sunday, May 1, in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, artist Christopher Lin will disassemble and reassemble Soft Core Memory, his living sculpture on view in Wet Networks at the Queens Museum. During this process, he will deliver an informal artist talk and participate in a Q&A with exhibition curator Celine Wong Katzman. Afterwards, the sculpture will be transported indoors and Celine will give a tour of the exhibition.

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the artist’s process as Chris restages the vessels in Soft Core Memory, which contains bioactive earth from CycleX, an experimental farm and cultural center in Andes, NY. Each vessel holds a biome consisting of detritivores (earthworms, isopods, and springtails) and beneficial bacteria which consume and transform decaying organic matter into rich soil for growth—an active vermiculture ecosystem. The discussion will touch on the process of vermiculture composting, the scientific and artistic decisions behind the inclusion of particular materials in the vessels, and how the land processes the complex and difficult histories of colonialism.

Wet Networks is a group exhibition presenting artifacts and commissioned projects from Shu Lea Cheang’s “Geek Camp” at CycleX, featuring Tecumseh Ceaser, Nabil Hassein, Melanie Hoff, Christopher Lin, Jan Mun, and TJ Shin. Wet Networks is installed alongside the Queens Museum’s long-term exhibition of The Relief Map of New York City’s Water Supply System, and presented in partnership with Rhizome and CycleX. 

Featured Image: Christopher Lin, Soft Core Memory (2021). Courtesy of the Queens Museum and Hai Zang.