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Sofya Aleynikova

Beauty vloggers’ paranormal storytimes as neogothic genre

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Lauren Studebaker

Lauren Studebaker on Ryan Trecartin's I-BE AREA (2007) and premonitions of selfhood online for ...

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Zachary Kaplan

“The essential part was to treat it not as a video, but as a performance ...

. Net Art Anthology

Zachary Kaplan

“Seeing a page that actually utilizes the kind of decorative CSS that was popular in ...

Michael Connor

An influential contemporary art blog serves as test case for a new approach to online ...

Ben Fino-Radin

On Saturday December 10th 2011, Petra Cortright received an email stating that a video of ...

Joanne McNeil

Google Video Scraping Thumbnails by Perfinion


Blake Stimson speaks with artist Natalie Bookchin about her work in an interview from Video ...