DeForrest Brown, Jr. and Nora N. Khan

Computer viruses infect 808 beats and monochromes to yield sonic and visual abstractions.

Mike Pepi

Not only the name of an app, but a mantra for a brogrammer ethos that ...

Mariam Naziripour

The Different Games conference advocates for social justice and expanded subjectivities in videogaming.

Brendan Byrne

An antisocial app offers "the singular intoxication" of "the solitary and thoughtful stroller... who loves ...

Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal

A recent performance by Eugene Kotlyarenko invokes the figure of the troll, the "self-declared other ...

Michael Connor

I wrote this in one hour, OK

Michael Connor

Anna Anthropy's hypertext work "Queers in Love at the End of the World" stages ...

Michael Connor

A new report points out flaws in most A/B testing methodologies.

Kenneth Goldsmith

This review of Shia LaBoeuf's performance piece just seemed to write itself.

Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal

A Los Angeles potluck goes down the neoliberal Rabbit hole.

Michael Connor

Michael Connor on Austin Lee's generative blurriness.

Zachary Kaplan

New Currents in Instagram Video