Alice Bucknell

“Welcome to the future of Seasteading.”

Michael Connor

Lena NW and Costcodreamgurl unveil their new game, 'Viral.'

Loney Abrams

The year is 2020, and going off the grid is an act of civil disobedience.

Paul Graham Raven

It is tempting to view the wildly different natures of Stateside boffer larp – the rubber-swords-in-the-woods ...

Paul Graham Raven

Larp's roots run deeper than Dungeons & Dragons. In her book Leaving Mundania, Lizzie Stark traces the development of larp from its origins, the nascent form of what Bruce Sterling likes to call the military-entertainment complex: immersive historical pageants thrown by medieval royalty, often at immense expense; prototypical wargames for training the officers of ...