. Net Art Anthology

Alec Recinos

Alec Recinos interviews Jennifer and Kevin McCoy about ‘Airworld’ for Net Art Anthology.

. Net Art Anthology

Michael Connor

Michael Connor interviews Cornelia Sollfrank about her 1997 project ‘Female Extension.’

. Net Art Anthology

Michael Connor

Vuk Ćosić recounts the theft of Documenta X

. Net Art Anthology

Caitlin Jones

Documenta X's attempts at exhibiting net art in 1997—and Vuk Ćosić's subversive ...

Jonah Brucker-Cohen

So where is the art section on the app store?


Disruption, collaboration emerge as key themes.

Tom McCormack

Part two in a series exploring the history of text-based visual art.

Natalie Saltiel

In this series of posts, we will be blogging recently updated content from Rhizome's ...