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Charles Eppley

An interview with Tina Rivers Ryan and Paul Vanouse

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Phoebe Cripps

Transmediale’s artworks proposed that the very idea of a “we” is problematic, questioning who ...

Michael Connor

Mouchette's Private Encounter is featured in a front page exhibition on Rhizome.org.

Rob Horning and Amalia Ulman

"Authenticity grounded in artless spontaneity...can be replaced by authenticity which is constituted by strategy ...


In this series of posts, we will be reblogging content from Rhizome's Archives, available ...

Brian Droitcour

A discussion on "art about fantasy" (as opposed to fantasy art) that covers work by ...


Blake Stimson speaks with artist Natalie Bookchin about her work in an interview from Video ...

Brian Droitcour

4 channel video installation based on YouTube material made by individuals filming themselves in Egypt ...

Ceci Moss

Throughout the 1990s, digital computing and network technologies were largely employed in office work, their ...

Ceci Moss

David Wojnarowicz "A Fire in My Belly" Original from ppow_gallery on Vimeo. In protest of ...