. Digital Preservation

Arshy Azizi

An archival narrative based on Rhizome’s “Digital Social Memory” conference in February 2017.

. Announce

Michael Connor

Save the date: March 22-24, 2018

. The Download

Paul Soulellis

Untethered from physical matter, these files work to extend life.

Michael Connor

An influential contemporary art blog serves as test case for a new approach to online ...

Perry Chen

"The big picture is a mystery to us, and the big news is that nobody ...

Laura Davidson

Laura Davidson on Yuri Pattison's new work for Legion TV.

Ben Fino-Radin

Today is the first official Digital Archives Day. All day, archivists and conservators working in ...

Ben Fino-Radin

Today I am pleased to announce the publication of a paper that documents the past ...

Natalie Saltiel

In this series of posts, we will be blogging recently updated content from Rhizome's ...

Joanne McNeil

Google Video Scraping Thumbnails by Perfinion