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Zhenzhen Qi & Yang Wang (ZZYW)

ZZYW (Yang Wang & Zhenzhen Qi) is a New York-based art and research duo who ...

. Reports

Tanner Howard

In James Bridle’s ‘New Dark Age,’ AI lies between the pit of man's ...

. Net Aesthetics

Rahel Aima

As one of many amorphous masses of flesh, all rolls and folds like a browner ...

. Net Aesthetics

Brendan C. Byrne

A paperclip game unleashes the endless darkness of nihil unbound.

. First Look

Brendan C. Byrne

Learning the unnatural language of the Enron Corpus

Nora N. Khan

On Bad Corgi, an artist's app that exercises your anxiety.

Michael Connor

'Segmentation.Network' plays back over 600,000 drawings created by Mechanical Turk workers for an ...

Jordan Crandall

Do self-driving cars spell doom for the myth of the killer robot?

Nora N. Khan

She has no boundaries. I am more careful to draw my own.