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Elvia Wilk

"I expand my voice through other voices."

Michael Connor

Failed startups like The .Com for Moms find new life as object trouvé.

Celine Katzman

Gene McHugh's podcast delves into the temporality of a born-digital art practice.

Michael Connor

The final work in the "Brushes" online exhibition.


Commissions, events, conservation, and a new website in fall 2015.

William Kherbek

For us, the barrier is a much richer object, conceptually speaking...

Michael Connor

The Difference Clouds filter: not just for making halos of fire anymore.


A new event looks at Blockchain beyond bitcoin.

Caroline Sinders

The game anticipated—even invited—its own destruction.

. Experiment

Michael Connor

Sampled brushstrokes from historical paintings appear in a collage that evokes a contemporary experience of ...

. Opinion

Orit Gat

I want to build my work to a place where the multiplicity of references and ...

. First Look

Michael Connor

Gifs from paintings from gifs from paintings from gifs...