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Heloise Cullen

Navigating a collage of image and sound via a Google Maps interface.

Fiona Shipwright

Some things really can't be confirmed, nor denied.

Jamie Sutcliffe

The viewer's body fascinates me.

Dorothy Howard

Even a frivolous Facebook Group may be as much about solidarity-building as it is about ...

Orit Gat

Thinking of technology as it translates not only from past to present but also from ...

Zachary Kaplan

Online exhibitions are nothing new; NYT reviews of them are.

Michael Connor

With the call for Prix Net Art nominations open, what is net art exactly?

Michael Connor

I went to CVS to see an art show curated by David Horvitz.

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Esteemed jury includes Josephine Bosma, Chrissie Iles, and Domenico Quaranta.

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Rhizome Staff

A bittersweet announcement: after serving for three years as Executive Director of Rhizome, Heather Corcoran ...

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