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Nicolas Sassoon

How can the internet and digital tools still provide a space for dreaming?

Harry Burke

As part of "Poetry as Practice," a new work from Penny Goring.

Kerry Doran

Wired Magazine may say that code poetry was invented in 2011, but Kerry Doran looks ...

Michael Connor

"All of a sudden there were a lot of women around, and I saw an ...

Harry Burke

New online poetry works, every Monday through April 6.

Lizzie Homersham

Fear and loathing in digital media culture.

Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal

We should congratulate the dick pic for its capacity to make visible the processes that ...

Adam Rothstein

To discover what drones are "good for," we must open them up and let people ...

Michael Connor

Revisiting the work of an Argentine poet who thought of written language as performance.

. Experiment

Zachary Kaplan

An exhibition and a public program from Lynn Hershman Leeson.

. Opinion

Elvia Wilk

The festival returns to form with its 2015 edition, "Capture All."

. First Look

Jesse Darling

"It's like the famous romantic scene in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Would ...