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Image by Briana Griffin, Community Designer, Rhizome. 


Keep up with conversations in digital culture with a pay-what-you-wish membership to our new and improved discord community!

Members have advanced access to an ongoing calendar of community events (irl + online), exclusive workshops & activities, Q&A with artists/participants from select programming, the ability to pitch ideas for community-led events, and a space for sharing internet discoveries, current work, and inspirations.

We've also scheduled some exciting, online-only discord events for this month to get us started.

  • Jan 12 - 12pm EST ~ Cem-A, of freeze_magazine discusses ‘situated’ memes and placement of internet artifacts within physical environments.
  • Jan 19 - 5pm EST ~ An interview with Helga Tawil-Souri on the Internet Pigeon Network, a speculative, community-organized, affordable, and resilient internet infrastructure for the Gaza Strip
  • Jan 26 - 5pm EST ~ Todd Anderson will present an interactive walkthrough of the SFPC Malware Anthology for it’s launch (as well as a few quick tricks for aspiring software art enjoyers) !
  • Feb 2 - 2pm EST ~Ryan Kuo will discuss his web-based piece, Puzzle, a piece that rebuilds conversations from his personal history as a first-generation Taiwanese American growing up in rural America.