Watch us Enter the Mezz!

Documentation from Mezzanine at the New Museum is now available.

On October 15, 2022, Rhizome presented Mezzanine, a point and click computer game by Inpatient Interactive (Mitch Anzuoni and Peter Christian) at the New Museum. Anzuoni and Christian performed a live playthrough of the game—they roamed the halls of Zentropy HQ, laid off employees, signed up for a wellness retreat, learned about DJBirdCage’s unjust imprisonment, and more...we all had a blast! Following the Q&A with Rhizome Curator Celine Wong Katzman, audience members were lining up to ask questions about parts of the game they couldn’t get past (Zak’s password is ZEN419, btw). True fans of the game even got to take home their very own copies of “Mymik,” a magazine that exists virtually in Zentropy HQ, and Mezzanine CD-ROMs. We learned that Mezzanine is porous and “multimedia” is kind of a funny word! 

This event accompanies First Look: Mezzanine, the latest in the ongoing series of digital projects copresented by Rhizome and the New Museum.

Watch the video below.