We're hiring a Community Designer

(and redesigning rhizome.org ☺)

As previously noted, in October Rhizome was awarded a major change capital grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support the development of new financial and community infrastructure. As part of this work, we're recruiting a full-time Community Designer. 

Intended for someone with an understanding of UX design and a passion for digital culture and community engagement, the Community Designer will research user communities around Rhizome's offerings to iterate and better integrate our various digital properties: rhizome.org, the ArtBase archive, the web archiving service Conifer, bespoke exhibition websites, and more. This individual will impact all aspects of our program, and act as a thoughtful conduit for our users. 

The full job description can be found here. This position is open to remote candidates. As this is a new role at rhizome.org, we expect the final job description to be influenced by the candidates who apply. This is to say, if you feel like this is the job for you, regardless of your exact experience or matching each qualification, please apply!

Excitingly, the position will land at Rhizome amid a structural re-design of rhizome.org. Leveraging funds from Rafaël Rozendaal's Endless Nameless gift we've commissioned designers Laura Coombs and Mindy Seu to undertake this major project. The new Community Designer will have the opportunity to work with both of them in the starting phase of this new role, being able to draw from previously conducted research and their familiarity with the organization.

Laura and Mindy taking on this redesign is a capstone of sorts to our collaboration over many years. Laura is the Senior Designer at the New Museum and teaches Graphic Design at Princeton University. She has led on branding and design for many Rhizome events in her role at our affiliate. Mindy is an Assistant Professor at Rutgers University Mason Gross School of the Arts and Critic at Yale School of Art. We've been thrilled to support Mindy's Cyberfeminism Index and also to present it as part of our First Look exhibition series.