In Support of Palestine

Rhizome supports the human rights of Palestinian people and stands against their dispossession, blockade, and silencing.

We do not see ourselves as leaders with particular insight to offer on this situation, but we felt moved after learning about the planned evictions in Sheikh Jarrah, the popular protests against them, and the violent crackdowns and racist attacks that protestors immediately faced. As a team, we spent time reading, discussing, and reaching out to friends and colleagues in order to understand how to contribute meaningfully, and we decided together that we should say something publicly, however simple.

In addition, as one gesture of material solidarity and programmatic commitment, we have donated a $2,000 commissions grant towards the reconstruction of the 19th century family home in Bethlehem that houses the Dar Yusuf Nasri Jacir for Art and Research, which was ransacked and damaged by fires started in the surrounding area. We invite members of the community to join us in supporting this organization—which you can do here—and in considering other ways of showing support for and strengthing our connection with Palestinian people, their rich artistic and intellectual traditions, and their call for liberation. One place to start would be this free online screening of films by Palestinian women.