Meet our CUNY Cultural Corps Interns!

Thanks to our participation in the CUNY Cultural Corps for the 2021-2022 academic year, Jamel Craig and Laurice Oliveira joined the Rhizome team in October as Program Interns, and they’re bringing unique talents and great energy to our small team. 

Born in Brazil, Laurice is pursuing a Master’s in Philosophy at CUNY, and has a background in video production and visual media, including past work for Moving Poems. She has a passion for visual communication, and as part of her work, she's been developing strategies for Rhizome to share video clips and packages about our events and research through various channels. 

Jamel is working on his Bachelor’s in Economics and hopes to move on to a Master’s degree in Urban Planning. He’s also an avid videogame enthusiast. Jamel has been conducting detailed image research, carefully organizing the image archives from our Net Art Anthology project and conducting rights research for a Rhizome commission. Jamel will also contribute to Rhizome’s blog.

Jamel writes, “I am a huge proponent of the CUNY system because it provides students of all economic and racial backgrounds equal access to affordable and quality higher education, which I believe plays an integral role in improving social mobility not just within New York, but the world as a whole.” 

Welcome Jamel and Laurice!