Announcing Seven on Seven 2019: Participants & Details

We’re thrilled to announce the 2019 edition of the celebrated art and technology platform Seven on Seven. This annual event brings together leaders in art and technology for a one-day creative collaboration with a simple challenge: “Make something.” On Saturday, April 27, seven collaborative pairs will reveal their projects at the New Museum. Tickets to the conference are on sale today at Eventbrite.

Co-organized by Michael Connor, Artistic Director; Zachary Kaplan, Executive Director; and Aria Dean, Assistant Curator, this year’s Seven on Seven brings together a cohort of artists and technologists whose projects will explore a diverse array of topics across culture and technology: the aesthetics of high-frequency trading; how insects and robotics can echo one another; AI and the school-to-prison pipeline; languages of the deep future; and more.

Seven on Seven 2019 will feature:

Artist Rachel Rose & Kirstin Petersen, Founder, Collective Embodied Intelligence Lab, Cornell
Artist Matthew Angelo Harrison & Trevor McFedries, Cofounder, Brud
Artist Sarah Meyohas & Tarun Chitra, Founder, Gauntlet
Artist Hayal Pozanti & Laura Welcher, Linguist, Long Now Foundation
Artist American Artist & Rashida Richardson, Policy Research, AI Now
Artist Artie Vierkant & James La Marre, Developer & Activist
Artist Qiu Zhijie & He Xiaodong, Deputy Managing Director, JD AI

This year’s conference will premiere a new, lower conference ticket price of $99. (A limited number of $40 artist tickets are also available by lottery. Please submit your information here.) A simulcast presentation of the event will be presented in the New Museum’s Sky Room, free for Museum visitors.

To further share Seven on Seven, we’re again collaborating with a team at Wieden+Kennedy, New York, led by Richard Turley, Executive Creative Director, to create a “distributed publication,” composed of pamphlets, posters, and other print ephemera. Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation will also support a youth outreach program that will bring an art-and-technology residency project to Queens this summer, renewing a program inaugurated in 2017.




Seven on Seven is made possible by the generous support of Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation, founding partner Wieden+Kennedy, New York, and GIPHY.

Sister City is Seven on Seven's exclusive hotel and after party partner.