Seven on Seven 2019

Full Documentation of the 2019 Event

We’re thrilled to announce the 2019 edition of the celebrated art and technology platform Seven on Seven. This annual event brings together leaders in art and technology for a one-day creative collaboration with a simple challenge: “Make something.” On Saturday, April 27, seven collaborative pairs will reveal their projects at the New Museum. Tickets to the conference are on sale today at Eventbrite.

Co-organized by Michael Connor, Artistic Director; Zachary Kaplan, Executive Director; and Aria Dean, Assistant Curator, this year’s Seven on Seven brings together a cohort of artists and technologists whose projects will explore a diverse array of topics across culture and technology: the aesthetics of high-frequency trading; how insects and robotics can echo one another; AI and the school-to-prison pipeline; languages of the deep future; and more.

Seven on Seven 2019 will feature:

Artist Rachel Rose & Kirstin Petersen, Founder, Collective Embodied Intelligence Lab, Cornell
Artist Matthew Angelo Harrison & Trevor McFedries, Cofounder, Brud
Artist Sarah Meyohas & Tarun Chitra, Founder, Gauntlet
Artist Hayal Pozanti & Laura Welcher, Linguist, Long Now Foundation
Artist American Artist & Rashida Richardson, Policy Research, AI Now
Artist Artie Vierkant & James La Marre, Developer & Activist
Artist Qiu Zhijie & He Xiaodong, Deputy Managing Director, JD AI

This year’s conference will premiere a new, lower conference ticket price of $99. (A limited number of $40 artist tickets are also available by lottery. Please submit your information here.) A simulcast presentation of the event will be presented in the New Museum’s Sky Room, free for Museum visitors.

To further share Seven on Seven, we’re again collaborating with a team at Wieden+Kennedy, New York, led by Richard Turley, Executive Creative Director, to create a “distributed publication,” composed of pamphlets, posters, and other print ephemera. Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation will also support a youth outreach program that will bring an art-and-technology residency project to Queens this summer, renewing a program inaugurated in 2017.




Seven on Seven is made possible by the generous support of Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation, founding partner Wieden+Kennedy, New York, and GIPHY.

Sister City is Seven on Seven's exclusive hotel and after party partner.