Zachary Kaplan's Decade in Internet
Film Corner
In The Decade in Internet, artists and writers reflect on their favorite moments from the 2010s. Here, Rhizome's Executive Director reflects on cinema and online fim culture of the 2010s. Previously: Dena Yago, Parker Ito, and Jacob Ciocci.
A few notable moments of movie magic, as seen from the director's chair, 2010-2019. 
  1. My first tweet about a movie in the 2010s (2010): ”blgging as movie trend continues: ’The site got twenty-two hundred hits in two hours?‘ ‘Thousand. Twenty-two thousand.‘“ 
  2. The Story of Film: An Odyssey (2011), Mark Cousins‘ extraordinary history, so thoughtful, perfectly shaped for the Wikipedia- and YouTube-addled mind. 
  3. The Master (2012) & Phantom Thread (2017): many people are saying the former is better than the latter, but I disagree. 
  4. On Cinema at the Cinema S03E01 (2013). Tim and Gregg love The Lone Ranger, though Gregg wishes Tim Burton had directed. Cumulative 11 bags of popcorn, 5 bags of soda. Gregg discusses his movie-logging system. Tim recovers from eye surgery. 
  5. Richard Brody's "Negative 10" (2014), particularly his referring to the Linklater film as ”Boyhood (or, The Best Little Boy in the World).“
  6. The Film Comment Podcast (2015-): The anti-Gabfest, where I go to unwind, excellent thematic conversation, where else can you hear Amy Taubin filtered through the din of a Cannes cafe. 
  7. Eyes Wide Shut mania (2015-2019)! The repertory film of the decade? I'd be interested to get a number crunch on that. Certainly a key cultural reference for its later half.  
  8. The Rise of Prestige Streaming (2017): Netflix makes it possible for serious filmmakers to make movies for adults about Bard. (Private Life The Meyerowitz Stories)
  9. Le Cinéma du Glut (2018) by Nick Pinkerton. Fan fiction takes over! Are we having fun yet? 
  10. Get Out (2017), High Life (2018), and Parasite (2019). Fan fiction's echo, actually good genre filmmaking, at its apex in these few.
  11. First Reformed (2018) and The Irishman (2019) (also as seen through FaceApp)
  12. Armond White joins the National Review (2014): arguably the first instantiation of what would come to be known as the INTELLECTUAL DARK WEB. He definitely lost it at the movies, but is right about Pixar.