Jacob Ciocci's Decade in Internet
My Best and Worst of the Internet 2010-2020, Accompanied by a Selection of Screen-Shots From Each Year Of This Decade, Collected From My Laptop's Desktop Folders

In The Decade in Internet, artists and writers reflect on their favorite moments from the 2010s. Last time, artist Parker Ito shared his favorite skate content from the decade. Today, artist Jacob Ciocci gives us the best and worst of the 2010s. Read the full series.


1. Pop Up Blocker: I Hate Pop-Ups And This Plug-In Really Blocks Them.

2. The Ice Bucket Challenge: It Raised A Lot Of Money, For A Good Cause.

3. The Cinnamon Challenge: Funny! Who Knew Cinnamon Was So Spicy Or Hard To Eat. I Wish It Was For A Cause Though, Like The Ice Bucket Challenge Idea.

4. KONY 2012: It Really Got People Talking And Opened Some Eyes Too.

5. Netflix: I Love Watching Shows On All My Tiny And Very Small Screens. I Also Like The Thumping Noise That The Logo Makes: Kudos To The Sound Designer!


1. Cookies: Annoying! Deceptive Name As Well, Because They Are Not "Sweet" But Annoying.

2. When You Can’t Remember Your Password.

3. When They Ask You To Change Your Password All The Time.

4. Kids Eating Tide Pods: Not A Funny Prank And Quite Stressful For Parents !

5. E-Scooters: I Don't Like The Piles Of Scooters In My Neighborhood, It Looks Like No One Cares About The Scooters.


6. Russian Hackers: I wish They Would Stop Hacking Us !



Jacob Ciocci (born 1977) is an American visual artist, performance artist, musician, and professor. Along with sister Jessica Ciocci and friend Ben Jones, he was one of the three founding members of Paper Rad, an artist collective active from 2000 until 2008.