Net Art Microgrants: A History

In 2014, Rhizome launched a microgrants program, awarding $500–$1,500 to anyone with a compelling vision for net art through an annual open-call. Below are the awardees since founding.


Announcement of awardees

Net Art:
Cassie McQuater, Black Room (The image above was a sketch submitted with the proposal / link
Elisabeth Nicula, (link)
Dina Kelberman, Into (link

Mobile VR:
Theo Triantafyllidis, Studio Visit 360 
Tough Guy Mountain, Guided Meditation

Ming Lin and Alexandra Tatarsky, Shanzhai Lyric (Display Distribute) (link)
Barrett White & Miriam Karraker, editors, Tagvverk (link)
Bryan Thao Worra, So You Want to Make a Secret War (link)


Announcement of awardees

Ideas City:
Lina Bondarenko, Martin Byrne, Holly Childs, Kei Kreutler, and Jelena Viskovic, Patternist (link)

Net Art:
manuel arturo abreu and Victoria Anne Reis, home school (link)
Sean Patrick Carney, Humor and the Abject (link)
Holly White (related link)
Winslow Laroche, YOINK! Issue 4
Eternal Dragonz (related link)
N-Prolenta, Black Hydra (related link)

Muira McCammon (link)
Caroline Sinders
Gabriele de Seta
Nadine Fattaleh


Announcement of awardees

Georges Jacotey, N/A (or Lana Del Pepe?) (link)
Amira Hanafi, A Dictionary of the Revolution (link)
Donald Hải Phú Daedalus, SGT STAR Redux
Chloe O'Neill and Sylvia Gutierrez, Chloe and Sylvia are Color Blind
Sam Lavigne and Tega Brain, The Good Life (Enron Simulator) (link)
Elizabeth Mputu, LVLZ Healing Center (link)


Announcement of awardees

Loz Cliffe, An Open Call for Spam Bots
Emilie Gervais, Fuck Privacy
Adriana Minoliti, -PLAY SIGNIFICANT OTHERNESS- (link)
Rafia Santana, RAFiA's WORLD (link)
Alex Taylor, .3gp (link)


Announcement of awardees

Deanna & Jack, Well, Actually: a journal of vernacular criticism!
Ben Grosser, Music Obfuscator (link)
Martha Hipley, untitled Twitter hack (link)
Lena NW and Julia Kunberger, Viral (link)
Angela Washko, BANGED (link)