Seven on Seven 2017: Celebration Dinner


From Left: Justin Flood (W+K), Lauren Boyle (DIS), and Manuel Palou (Buzzfeed) share a toast

Each year, Rhizome hosts a Celebration Dinner to welcome and honor the participants in Seven on Seven, this year held on Friday, April 21. The event included a bold meal created by Mouth-to-Mouth (Lauren Schaefer), desserts by Laurie Ellen, and cocktails from Plymouth Gin and Lillet set among tablescapes designed by Fox Fodder Farm.

Except where otherwise noted, all photos were taken by Leandro Justen for BFA. See more on our Facebook page.

Rhizome Executive Director Zachary Kaplan, Board Chair Greg Pass, and Board member Renny Gleeson

.ART's Aleksandra Artamonovskaja and founder Ulvi Kasimov

SCRAAATCH's E. Jane, Bunny Rogers, and Assistant Curator Aria Dean

Armory Show's Audrey Rose Smith and Artistic Director Michael Connor


Arrangements by Fox Fodder Farm

GIPHY's Dani Newman and Caroline Hantho


Katherine Frazer, Addie Wagenknecht, Lindsay Howard, and Phillips' Megan Newcome (Photo: Lindsay Howard)


Dinner Partners