Browser to Browser: New tracks by shawné michaelain holloway

Now on the front pageshawné michaelain holloway presents three new electronic music compositions. This is the seventh work presented as part of Real Live Online, curated by Lucas G. Pinheiro and Devin Kenny and copresented by Rhizome and the New Museum.

From the exhibition narrative:

The cover of shawné michaelain holloway's just-released album "BROWSER COMPOSITIONS: 3 UNRELEASED SELECTIONS is a gradient that fades, top to bottom, from white to black, an image that suits the music's dark tone. Discordant synth is layered with rhythmically looping samples and keyboard noodling; Solaris-style soundscapes give way to feedback loops that reach eardrum-blowing crescendos. Though they draw on the highly fetishized sound of the synthesizer, these works were primarily made using the most accessible of instruments, a web browser. 

Rhizome published an Artist Profile of holloway in September; she will be participating in the Open Score conference at the New Museum on January 30.