Work in Progress
Seven on Seven participants at work

Last Friday, 12 out of 14 participants in this year's Seven on Seven (Jacob Appelbaum and Ai Weiwei worked remotely in Beijing), descended on NEW INC., home to Rhizome, to work in pairs on projects around the theme of Empathy and Disgust. Here is some of that work in progress.

Rhizome Artistic Director Michael Connor with Nate Silver and Liam Gillick. Photo: Madison McGaw/BFA


Thricedotted at work with Hannah Black. Photo: Madison McGaw/BFA

Gina Trapani and Martin Syms. Photo: Madison McGaw/BFA


Camille Henrot and Harlo Holmes. Photo: Madison McGaw/BFA



Photography services for Seven on Seven 2015 were provided by:

BFA/Billy Farrel Agency