Namaste, the ad begins: Bernays & Assoc. sells the e-cigarette

The following image-essay accompanies a performance given by Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal at This is the ENDD, a forum on the e-cigarette held on February 22. Video of Rosenthal's presentation can be found here.

The Bernays & Assoc. Strategy
for Vuse E-Cigarette, Appendix #2


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"Namaste," the ad begins. We're in a yoga studio, close-up on the teacher in spandex, wearing a necklace with a pendant of the whole earth. She's young, she's radiant in that graceful way. Then, we're in the inside of her car, looking over her control center dashboard, GPS smoothly navigating her over the Golden Gate Bridge. Cut to: wide shot of her husband in a glass enclosed robotics lab, the skinny, genteel type, photo of the whole earth in the background. Cut to: the yoga instructor walking through a long, open plan office. Then, her husband spots her through the glass, beckons her inside. "Want to see something?" He asks. She nods. He presses a button, which initiates a countdown. 10, 9, 8, 7… He reaches into his pocket, she into her purse. They each puff on an e-cig… 4, 3, 2, 1. Black screen. Finally, a voice over: "Vuse E-Cigarettes and E-cig Organic." And our logo: