A New Office for Rhizome (Means Even More Reasons to Donate)


Today, I'm pleased to share some news: this summer, Rhizome will be moving into expanded office space in the New Museum's building at 231 Bowery, also home to NEW INC, their art, design, and technology incubator. Building on our 11-year affiliation with the museum and our frequent collaborations across its public programs, Rhizome will support, advise, and otherwise feed in to the incubator project and the work of its new tenants.

I'd like to congratulate the New Museum on this initiative—showing their multifaceted commitment to the wider art and technology sphere. Through the Rhizome affiliation, their Digital Projects led by Lauren Cornell, and now this new initiative, they express a dedication to the many articulations of this growing, culturally-relevant topic. 

As we're in the middle of our annual online membership and fundraising drive, I'd also urge you to support Rhizome at this particular moment. Our new offices will allow us more space for digital conservation projects, a place to articulate our unique culture, and occassion to invite more artists and friends to drop by and work with us. We're anticipating big things on the horizon for Rhizome.

Donate today.