We Surpassed Our Kickstarter Goal for the Theresa Duncan CD-ROMs. Thank You!

Yesterday, we surpassed our goal of $20,000 in our first Kickstarter, to save and make playable the Theresa Duncan CD-ROMs. We want to take a moment to say a sincere thank you to all those who donated, promoted on social media, and wrote about the campaign. Now, we'll get to work. We aim to have the games online, free for all to play in any browser, by April 2015. This will also be when we host a public event at the New Museum and an online exhibition celebrating Duncan's work, contextualizing it within feminist gaming history. Furthermore, we'll be commissioning articles and educational materials to deepen public awareness of these CD-ROMs and the broader history of women gamemakers.

Special shout out to the leadership-level pledge of Mark Matienzo that took us over the goal, and a significant surprise pledge from Mailchimp. But, really, we had 463 pledges at every level. These pledges came from Rhizome supporters and people we've never met, members of the gaming community and digital preservation enthusiasts, people who worked on the games and members of the Duncan family. 

We'll be working to fulfill Kickstarter rewards shortly. 

Thank you, once again, for supporting this work!