$500 (x5) for Artworks... on the Internet
JODI, goodtimes, 1996
Through August 22, we're accepting proposals for FIVE internet art microgrants (alongside, of course, nominations for the first $10,000 Prix Net Art).
The microgrants are a commitment to browser-based art. At a moment when art contextualized within the frame of digital culture fills galleries worldwide, we think it's important to fund projects on the internet. $500 can buy a domain name and a bit of hosting, even a case of, ahem, Club Mate for those late night coding sessions. 
S E E K I N G     F U T U R E     J O D I S. 
S E E K I N G     F U T U R E     L I A L I N A S.
S E E K I N G     F U T U R E     R O Z E N D A A L S.
S E E K I N G                         S U B M I S S I O N S.