Supporting Rhizome's Preservation Initiative

More and more the ArtBase has become a focal point of many of our projects at Rhizome. We've been focusing our efforts on web based works, but today we ask for your help in our efforts to restore access to some of the earliest forms of networked based artistic practices that predate the web. 

Before the term existed, there were thriving international communities of artists on Bulletin Board Systems such as The Thing and Art Net Web. Preserving the output of these communities requires a different set of tools – many of which Rhizome currently lacks – such as vintage floppy drives, controller cards, write blockers, and even entire vintage computer systems.

Donate to our summer fundraiser by July 1st to give Rhizome the support needed to preserve works on obsolete hardware. Your $25 donation will help us get one step closer to securing these tools and restoring access to these early network based works, some of which have not been seen in nearly twenty years. 

We hope you will support Rhizome's Preservation Initiative today. Thank you for your continued support!