Prosthetic Knowledge Picks: Computed Fashion

Virtual Clothing Touch 'Heatmap' Feature Of CLO 3D

A collection of items from the Prosthetic Knowledge Tumblr archive and around the web, around the theme of 'Fashion'.


Glitch Embroidery by Nukeme 

Clothing with embroidered logos whose sewing machine file has been purposefully corrupted, creating glitched outputs: 



South Korean 3D CAD software developed specifically for industry-class clothing design:

CLO 3D is Easy-to-Use 3D Apparel CAD, enables you to design, to view 3D samples in real-time and to communicate easily with partners. It is possible to create a virtual sample photo-realistically within 1 hour using your 2D pattern. You can send 3D clothing data in network to colleagues, and it�ll enable you to communicate effectively with your team members across the globe. You can view in real-time the impromptu changes in patterns, designs, colors, fabric design with others

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Limited edition T-Shirts designed by net artists:

Triangulation Blog has an interview with Netstyles' creator, Stirling Crispin: 

What is the idea behind Netstyles? How did this project come to your mind and when did you start it? Where you inspired by the bad smelling boy tumblr or other artists?
Netstyles is a digital aesthetics fashion line which translates virtual art into physical form. The clothes act as hyperlinks in physical space to emerging concepts developing in contemporary culture. I launched Netstyles on February 6th of 2012 but had been researching and doing tests since at least August of 2011. Many artists working today have adopted a post-internet sensibility and create far more digital objects than physical objects. was created to provide a common platform for contemporary artists to experiment with, and make physical what would otherwise remain as digital forms. Bad Smelling Boy and Body By Body were two influences, both of which are included in the new Netstyles release.

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Kayla Mattes

Fashion and textiles artist who uses the 1990's and the internet as her inspiration:

Kayla Mattes is a textile artist and designer, based in Los Angeles, CA. She received her BFA in Textiles from RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) in 2011. Her quirky and innovative fabrics, knitwear and prints tend to focus on the relationship between pop-culture trends and technology of the past and present.

Artist's website
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CONTINUUM - Computational Couture 

Part fashion label, part experimental design lab: 

Continuum Fashion is Mary Huang and Jenna Fizel. We use digital technologies to create distinctive bespoke design. 

D Dress Online Designer