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Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus (video)

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tty_a June 22 2011 16:58Reply

I was wondering, isn't Stuxnet out there since late 2008/early 2009? [As kind of internet gossip:] What is really creepy [at leat for me] is likage between Stuxnet code and some 'esoterical'/'kabbalistic' threads in the source code? Did you hear about anybody [with approprate skills] who tried to digg out those pieces of code?   
Here a weird piece from Wiki, just for reference: 
"Some have also referred to several clues in the code such as a concealed reference to the word "MYRTUS", believed to refer to the Myrtle tree, or Hadassah in Hebrew. Hadassah was the birth name of the former Jewish queen of Persia, Queen Esther.[94][95] However, it may be that the "MYRTUS" reference is simply a misinterpreted reference to SCADA components known as RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) and that this reference is actually "My RTUs"–a management feature of SCADA.[96] Also, the number 19790509 appears once in the code and might refer to the date "1979 May 09", the day Habib Elghanian, a Persian Jew, was executed in Tehran.[33][97][98] Another date that appears in the code is "24 September 2007", the day that Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke at Columbia University and made comments questioning the validity of the Holocaust.[23] Such data is not conclusive, since, as written by Symantec, "Attackers would have the natural desire to implicate another party" with a false flag.[23][33]"