Scan (2010) - Leanne Eisen

Scan began as a creative diversion, but has since become a full-on fixation. I find objects with an interesting combination of surface characteristics, and create compositions by moving them over my scanner bed . Much like darkroom experimentation using burning and dodging, or the placement of objects directly onto the photographic paper's surface to create photograms, each exposure represents a choreographed movement, a moment in time captured on a two-dimensional surface. By using trial and error, I reintroduce the possibility of happy accidents into the sterile and precise process of digital imaging. I have worked my way through a collection of scannable curios, from paper grids and greyscales to lights and reflective materials. I am now focusing on CD's and DVD's, thereby introducing a digital storage medium back into the scanning process.


Originally via TRIANGULATION BLOG and but does it float