Rhizome's 15th Anniversary Benefit in Photos

Rhizome's 15th anniversary benefit last week was a great success - thank you so much to everyone who attended and showed their support. All photos below by Guest of a Guest unless otherwise noted.

Shot of the crowd

Rhizome founder Mark Tribe and New Museum Director Lisa Phillips

Artist Cory Arcangel, curator Hanne Mugaas, fashion stylist Aya Kanai

Artist Kenseth Armstead, artist and author Alex Galloway, artist Michael Sarff of MTAA

Rhizome Staff Writer Brian Droitcour, curator Lumi Tan and Triple Canopy's Peter Russo

Columbia University School of the Arts, Public Programs and Events Manager Daisy Nam and Art Collector and Member of the Council for Rhizome Jeremy Steinke

Title TK DJing

Curator Hanne Mugaas, Rhizome's Executive Director Lauren Cornell, artist Celeste Dupuy-Spencer

Ducktails playing live, in the background Tabor Robak and Jon Rafman's BNPJ_exe (Photo by Natalie Saltiel)

New Museum Director of Special Projects and Curator at Large Richard Flood and Founder and Director of Creative Capital Ruby Lerner

Musician Paul Haney, Rhizome Senior Editor Ceci Moss, curator Courtney Malick

Brian Lightbody, W+K's Husani Oakley, artist Sarah Grant, Rhizome's Director of Technology Nick Hasty, W+K's Christena Pyle

Artist Bennett Williamson, Anthology Film Archives' Archivist Andrew Lampert, Electronic Arts Intermix's Director of Distribution Rebecca Cleman

Mark Tribe and Kenseth Armstead

Ryder Ripps, Stock, 2011 (Photo by Natalie Saltiel)

Fashion stylist Aya Kanai and cultural impresario Nick Hallett

Nick Scholl, Patrik Sandberg, Lauren Boyle of DIS Magazine

Artist/curator Jess Ramsay, artist Seyhan Musaoglu, artist/musician Nancy Garcia

Postmasters founders and directors Tamas Banovich, Magda Sawon, artist Wolfgang Staehle, artists Eva and Franco Mattes

Artist Emily Roysdon, 303 Gallery's Director Mari Spirito and Participant, Inc.'s Director Lia Gangitano