Kickstarter Projects We ❤

In conjunction with Rhizome's brand new curated page on Kickstarter, we are featuring select projects from the site on the blog. If you would like to let us know about your fund raising efforts on Kickstarter, shoot us an email at editor(at)

►Moore Pattern — a kinetic optical-illusion sculpture

Jeff Lieberman, host of Discovery Channel's "Time Warp," designs kinetic sculptures based on perceptual an physical principles. He wants to mass produce Moore Pattern- a kinetic optical-illusion sculpture. Moore Pattern is based on a moiré pattern, a type of interference pattern, which Lieberman generates with two of the same shape placed backwards and rotating in opposite directions.

►Moviesandbox - an open-source 3D animation tool

Moviesandbox is an Open-Source, Real-Time 3D Animation tool. It allows you to quickly sketch and animate 3D Characters and Props. Its focus is on ease of use and modularity. The idea is that you can simply draw objects in 3D space and animate them later on with the built in timeline.

You can also script puppeteering and camera behaviour using a graphical scripting system. And in addition, Moviesandbox can receive data from outside applications allowing MIDI-Controllers, Kinect sensors, Milkscanners and Arduino hacks to control all aspects of your animation in real-time!

Friedrich Kirschner began working on this project since his 2008 Fellowship at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center. He would like to spend two months of working to turn it into a tool for wider release, including a linux version.

►Tweet Land - The first set of games that play with reality!

Tweet Land is a real time game developed by award winning Costa Rican developers. Every time someone tweets something the tweet affects the gameplay of Tweet Land by triggering certain action-keywords, such as "car accident" in your racing game. Because it is altered in real-time, the game is different each time it is played. Tweet Land will be launched with two initial games. A racing game called Route 140 and an action game called Love City.