Selections from Chrystal Gallery's "Exhibition One"

A few works here from the group show "Exhibition One" curated by Timur Si-Qin for Chrystal Gallery and Gentili Apri. Artists include Kari Altmann, Charles Broskoski, Lindsay Lawson, Billy Rennekamp, Maxwell Simmer, and Harm Van Den Dorpel. All the works are computer rendered models of three dimensional objects, and the exhibit asks, "Where does an artwork stop and its documentation begin? What is the function of a prospective image that is decisively not-a-model?"

Charles Broskoski, ABACAB, 2010

Harm Van Den Dorpel, Detolf, 2010

Kari Altmann, How to Hide Your Plasma (Handheld Icon Shapeshift for Liquid Chrystal Display), 2010

Lindsay Lawson, Impossible Non-Object of Desire, 2010