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Oregon Painting Society

Oregon Painting Society Member in Costume

During the No Soul For Sale press preview this morning at 10am, I heard some noisey racket emanating from across the hall. I ran over to see what was going on. Four members of Oregon Painting Society, some in costume, were hunched over a circle of plastic potted plants. Brenna Murphy, a member of the collective and an artist whose work we’ve posted to Rhizome before, explained to me how the instruments work. The plants are electronic oscillators, whose circuit is completed by human touch. The sounds can be manipulated by moving the leaves of the plants.

Oregon Painting Society are a Portland-based art collective who do performance, music, video, and installations. Check out their site here.

Oregon Painting Society Playing the Plant Instruments

Plant Instruments

Plant Instruments

Video by Oregon Painting Society

Oregon Painting Society's Table