So... Team Rhizome™ got together yesterday to determine the winner of our FAVICONTEST and I must admit that it was intense... a little too intense. After many long hours of screaming, clawing, and hair-pulling we were no closer to reaching an agreement on which of the user-submitted favicons to ordain as victor as we were when we started. Out of this ideal-driven hate-fest, the decision was made to share the spoils and select several favicons to use for Rhizome.org. So... in the coming weeks we are going to generate a 'favicon randomizer' that will load one of the following four favicons everytime the page is loaded. So without further ado, I present the winner(s) of FAVICONTEST:

by Adam Okrasinski

by Ben Coonley

by Daniel Leyva

by night-falls.net

In closing, I would like to sincerely thank everyone who submitted a design. We were truly overwhelmed by how many good options there were to choose from and totally honored that you took the time to participate.