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Alone to Pony

When R&B singer Ginuwine's jam Pony came out in 1996, it became the classic soundtrack to grinding, and its (admittedly, hilarious) refrain "ride it, my pony" a fixture in American pop culture. More recently, A.Mart from Hamburger Eyes launched "Dancing Alone to Pony" -- a tumblr blog compiling solo videos of people dancing to the track. The site has encapsulated this micro-meme. Here are a few of the highlights, visit Dancing Alone to Pony for more.

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Jonathan June 15 2010 01:15Reply

You forgot to put on Gerald Lancaster who inspired one of the videos on here!! It's HILARIOUS :)

George June 19 2010 15:52Reply

Love this song and Ginuwine

Suzanne West July 21 2010 15:14Reply

The last one was my favorite. But isn't he dancing in a basement turned preschool? Too funny. Pretty talented kid though. Gotta love the old songs. My fav is at the end of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvK_O3u4Swo